The Steinreich project is an online exhibition built to acompany a physical exhibition around the topic of stones through history and literature.

Museum Map

The Digital Museum Map application demonstrates the use of visualisation and browsing to enable users to freely explore a virtual museum without requiring expert knowledge. The application enables access to a collection of approximately 15,000 objects from the Victoria & Albert Museum's digital collections.

Explore the Stacks

The Explore the Stacks application demonstrates how browsing-based navigation can be combined with search to enable an integrated experience. In the application a collection of approximately 30,000 books from the British Library and their illustrations can be explored.

Under the Surface

The Under the Surface archive aims to build an archive to surface authors, composers, and artists who for one reason or another have slipped under the surface of public perception. It does not hold any data itself, but uses automated tools to link together data from a variety of sources.

The Old Joke Archive

The Old Joke Archive is building a digital archive of historic jokes published in books, newspapers, and other materials. The archive will be accompanied by a suite of tools to aid with the transcription, classification, and annotation of the jokes and also to support complex analysis of the jokes and the way ideas and punchlines travel between jokes.

Gutzkow Digital Edition

The Gutzkow Digital Edition is a digital edition of the works of 19th century author Karl Gutzkow. It includes modern web-based applications for user-friendly editing and reading of the digital edition.

Experiment Support System

The Experiment Support System is a python-based web-application for building online surveys, questionnaire's, and crowdsourcing-style experiments. The project has completed in its current form, but a simpler, more maintainable version is currently in development.